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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  July 12, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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hello, we again with breaking news. a suicide bombing dc bombing attack killed 6 dozen people and moments ago, we learned that one of the injured is a teen from maryland and as joel brown reports, a somali group is claiming responsibility. >> reporter: emergency workers rush fans to the hospital after a bomb went off in a club. a militant group scaried -- carried out the attack. >> we were just watching. >> reporter: an american aide aide work is among the dead. several members of a pennsylvania church group were injured. uganda's president lashed out against the terrorists. [ indiscernible >> reporter: the white house
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condemned the attack and says that president obama is deeply saddened by the loss of life. >> reporter: the attack marks the first time that the group has struck outside its base in somalia. they want the peace keeping troupes out. and u.s. officials say they'll work with the government to bring the attackers to justice. at the white house, joel brown, wjz-13, eyewitness news. and the american killed, a 25-year-old nate hen was a former university of delaware student--. >> one of the girls injures is from ellicott city. and the rematch is on. there's a 1 point lead for mr. ehrlich. it's still in the margin of error and shows how close the race is. mike hellgren has more.
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mike? >> reporter: gigi, many believe that the particular poll tilts towards the republicans. the lead had a shrink. and today, the governor says that the only survey that matters is the one on election day. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: a new report poll shows that ehrlich edging out current democrat governor alley in the race. but, it's a statistical dead heat. >> the poll tends to tilt in the direction of republicannings against the democrats. and this is not just a few times, but over a lot of polls a lot of times. >> reporter: the key for mr. ehrlich is getting democratic votes to win. the poll shows that 22% support him.
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and they were conducted july 8th. both have been slugging it out over big trouble over marc trains. >> the people of the state should choose between which is most likely to move us forward. >> on the one hand, you have a positive campaign and that's great and on the other hand, negative accusations. >> and it's not nasty, it's hard hitting. they're just throwing rocks. >> reporter: the bigger issue is the economy. with half of the maryland voters believe it's getting worse. 11% say it's good. >> this is, by all accountser it's a bad year for the democrats. it's a long time until november. >> reporter: now, for those who have a dislike for either
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candidate, 20% view former governor ehrlich unfavorably and 28% governor o'malley unfavorable. and thank you, mike. again, the poll shows that half of the governors approve of the performance and 48% disaprove. now, bp expects to attach a tighter cap before the day is out. you're looking at live images right now. for more on the progress and the environmental impact in the gulf, we'll go to reason -- ron matz. >> we'll know in days if the cap can work. the new cap is a 150,000-pound piece of metal. it could provide a better seal, but it won't be a final fix. bp is closer to finishing a relief well. that could be finished by the
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middle of august. >> well, oil is spilling into the gulf of mexico continuously since april 20th. after three decades, polanski is declared a free man by the swiss government. the country denied a request by the u.s. to extradite polanski. he made guilty to having sex to a 13-year-old in 1977. and in today's wjz-13 pump watch, the price of gas is dropping across the country. it's welcome news now. the average gas has dropped nearly 4 cents in two weeks and the national average price for a gallon of regular is $2.73 and the average price is lower here. and an overcast start to the workweek may lead to rain.
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there are clouds in the sky and they could bring thunderstorms before the day is out. marty's in the out back and first, we'll start with bernadette woods in the weather center. i hope you're having a good afternoon. it's a warm and muggy one. i want to show you around the state. we're at 85 degrees today and take a look at the dew points, they're highier than they were last week and because of that, it's making it feel muggy outside. it feels like 91 in baltimore and 90 in d.c. and the air is thick. that could lead to gusty thunderstorms later on today and for more on that, here's marty. good afternoon, everyone. with all due respect, i think we need rain. we said, let's hope not, well, i'm standing out here in the grass for a reason. listen to this. that ground is just as hard as it was when it was frozen back
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when we had the snow here in the out back. let's look at the first warning doppler weather radar. we'll get the storms ultimately, we don't need them. maybe a few showers around the area now. and wow! you expand that radar out. yes, there are thunderstorms embedded within the system. and however, the bigger story is, we'll see the shower activity tomorrow, not unlike saturday. severe weather we don't need and more rain, that won't be a bad thing on a tuesday. we'll throw it back inside and when is the rain clearing out. we're in a big vacation season now. meteorologist bernadette woods has the details shortly. all right, that's the big question. well, a big honor for one howard county community. money magazine named ellicott city, columbia area the second
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best place to live in the u.s.. they site the low unemployment rate and they're the only mid- atlantic area. eden prairie, minnesota took number one. the barefoot bandit behind bars and how the police stopped him. and the earth opens up and takes a car with it. we'll have the details straight ahead and take another look outside this noon. we'll be back with the first warning weather forecast. we'll be back in a moment. ,,,,,,
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well, after two years on the run, a teen fugitive is in police custody. coalton harris moore is wanted in eight states and we have more on the events that lead to his arrest. >> reporter: true to his nickname, he was barefoot when the police took him into custody, he was an internet folk hero and his celebrity led to his arrest. people recognized the barefoot
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bandit and called the police. who caught him after shooting out the engine of his stolen boat. the 19-year-old will face charges for several thefts. he also had a gun. >> the possession of a weapon even if it's not used in a crime, it makes it more complicated. >> reporter: he was convicted of the first crime in 12 and two years ago, he was an internet sensation after escaped from a halfway house in washington state. he's accused of committing 100 crimes and breaking into homes and businesses. he got the nickname after tracing his feet with chalk at a crime scene. he's stolen five planes including the one he crash landed last week. even though he has no formal flight training. the barefoot bandit is receiving support online, people near seattle are glad
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he's been caught. >> i think he's smart, but i think more than anything, people give him too much credit, he's gotten lucky and his luck ran out, obvious limit >> reporter: the seattle authorities are going to try to prosecute him here after he faces justice in the bahamas. and at last check, his facebook fan page has 175,000 members. in texas, a houston woman received a bomb in a box of chocolates. her face was pelted with nails and tacks. it destroyed her home and she's in stable condition and the police don't know who sent the bomb. the ground opens up in florida and destroyed a car. it happened outside of a tampa apartment building. >> no one was in the car at the
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time. the crews evacuated the residents to make sure that the area is stable and safe. well, the man behind "playboy" wants to make the empire private. he wants it to be a private company. he founded it in 1953. a special committee has to consider the proposal before that can happen still ahead on wjz-13 eyewitness news at noon. take a live look outside and stay tuned. it's a beautiful day and bernadette woods will be back with the first warning weather forecast. and first, here's a look at today's midday stocks. we'll be back in a moment. ,,,,,
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we're already starting to see a few thundershower -- showers, not much going on. that will change into this afternoon. we've had clouds mixing with sunshine and a lot more in the way of clouds than yesterday. now, as far as the winds go, they're starting to turn to the south and picking up. they're in all directions and for the most part, they'll be out of the south. that's starting to really pump up the humidity. and the dew points are in the low 70s. when we talk about that, that adds a tropical feel. and when you combine that with
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the temperatures mr. it's still warm. 95 in easton and 91 in baltimore. it's warm and it's muggy. here's the next storm coming our way. still, out to the west, we have showers and thunderstorms ahead of it. we had showers and thunderstorms yesterday. and as we head into the afternoon, we'll get more around us. then, that whole zone move ours way tomorrow. scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible throughout the day tomorrow. here's how it works out. here's the front. it fizzles out and enough to spark the thundershower thunderstorms and wednesday, still enough to keep the chance around. by thursday, that will get out of here and we'll have another one friday and into the weekend. the forecast comes together like this one today. warm and muggy and close to 90- degrees into the late day hours and a few thunderstorms possible tonight. it will be muggy and tomorrow, on and off chances for thunderstorms. we have this kind of humid in
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the air and it could produce downpours. that's something we'll watch for here. and temperatures are knocked down a little bit and instead of the 100s like last week, humid will be a factor. >> okay. that's all i can say. thank you, bernadette. still to come at noon. new hope for weight loss, the fda considers three new drugs and why they could be revolutionary. >> and wjz-13 is always on, here are the top stories on at this hour. for the updates on the news and the updated forecast, go to
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three new weight loss drugs could help obese patients without the risky side effects. they could be the first drugs to emerge in more than a decade. 35% of american adults are obese. today, the ftca will release theravee view of the drug -- release the new review of the drug. >> a new finding could diagnose alzheimers at an
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earlier stage. right now, only an autopsy can determine the disease. now, a dye can light up if you have the disease. and be sure to check in with us tonight. it was incredibly shocking, i'm running across the street. >> a man throws his baby into on coming traffic. >> and facebook panic button. >> this gives into calls for children. this ,,,,,,
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welcome back, we're going to take a look at the graphic. well, it's humidity out here, i shouldn't wear the coat. it's a steamy, steamy lunch hour. tomorrow is stormy and 86. by late wednesday, we may get ourselves a little bit of sunshine. we'll kick it up to 90. we'll watch out for a thunderstorm. a different scenario for friday and saturday. 93 and 94 degrees. that's vacation weather. >> this is marty's kind of weather. be sure to tune in tonight. at 10:00, it's another episode of csi miami and followed by wjz-13 at 11:00. germany's octopus oracle goes back to his day job.
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he correctly predicted all of the country's home team results. his nine brains helped his win with the success rate. he recieved his own world cup trophy for under water. >> that's ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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